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Hello! Thank you for taking time out to learn about your freelancer. My name is Christan J. Edwards and I have been designing for about 4 years now. I currently serve as the head design and Ceo of CJE (Creates Just About Everything) GRAPHICS. My story is a little bit different from most, I have never attended school nor have I taken classes to learn about designing. My eagerness to try something new lead me to endless videos via youtube, watching and learning the basic steps allowed me to understand the craft! However long nights of constant practice lead me to the path that I am on today.  


I’ve produced a variety of high quality art work for business establishments, club owners, party promoters, disc jockeys and much more. My work spans across several art forms ranging from Mixtape Covers and Flyers to Logos and Business Cards. My mission is to make people feel excited and in such awe about their finished product! 

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